Fab Finds Batch 5

1. Found TIME to teach the kids how to play mahjong- Chow!

I grew up in 2 families playing mahjong.  Both my grandparents’ houses of both sides were “Mahjong venues”.  Several square Mahjong tables filled their living room and we would often criss cross as kids checking out the tables or the feast in the buffet table. I can still hear how the mahjong tile or pieces hit each other when you do the mixing before you build those walls.  So we had our own set and table in our own home in the 1970s/80s. Our summers were always filled with Mahjong games with siblings and cousins.  I had taught my eldest son to play Mahjong during a few visits to the beach where we brought a set.  Finally, I found the time to teach our 2 younger children how to play.  It was actually funny!  Imagine my kids’ horror when the mahjong set we used had no numbers in the Chinese Character tiles.  Now,  I hope to play the card game called  “99” next. We should play more. Maybe time to bring down the mahjong table from the attic (yes we have one!) .

IMG_9252 IMG_9249

2. Giant Washi Tapes

Raya loves watermelons.  So guess what I found?  Toys R Us!


3. Oh my.  Salted Caramel Brownies in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Coffee Shop!

This is so yummy.  So rich, it must be shared with a friend over a hot cup of coffee.  It’s a chocolate, moist brownie with a little coffee taste!


4. Reward Stickers and cool tags  in National Book Store for less than 100.00 !!!

IMG_9228 IMG_9226 IMG_9227       FabFInds513

5.   Reasonably priced Art Materials in Toys R us as gifts to your budding artists!


IMG_9417 IMG_9416

6.  She finally gets her cacti ( apparently “cactuses” as plural for cactus is also accepted)

Remember Raya’s painting?  She loves cacti and was asking me where we could get some.  I guess, she couldn’t wait so she decided to paint some to display in her room.   And then her birthday came along and her sweet Tita Nenette and Tito Boogi got her own “real” cacti:) IMG_8538


7.  Nice crocheted throw pillow cases from Kultura for Php 250.00 each


8. Found time to do a quick art work for the blog.  Just watercolor and a pen:)

IMG_9739 IMG_9738

9. Found a homeschooler who created  two designs for Homeschoolers of the Philippines (FB) community group logo!

IMG_9787 IMG_9785

So thankful to Homeschooling Mommy Milona Barraca and her sweet once homeschooled daughter, Meg.  We love her work of Art and Heart! We are now working on cleaning and simplifying using a digital app so the logo can be more effective for use in shirts. pins or streamers!

10. Hole in a Wall in Century Mall in Makati

Entering this “food court” will remind you of the modern  yet cozy food courts in  high end malls in Singapore, Hongkong or even the modern airports of Europe.  We only tried Bad Bird for their Umami Fried Chicken and  Scout’s Honor Make Your Own Cookie stall . We hope to go back and try other “holes” in this great wall. The place has an indie feel as there are no fast food chains or famous restaurants .

My arm wasn’t long enough. Not yet good in taking the whole gang… Famselfie?
Photo Credit: http://gluttonshopper.blogspot.com/2014/12/hole-in-wall-find-phobobo-pho-king-de.html
Photo credit: http://www.joeiandme.com/2014/11/hole-in-wall-in-century-mall-makati.html


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