♡ Sewing Room Tour +✄Basic Beginner Sewing Needs ♡

Hi guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Today I’m going to show you my “Sewing Area”, because I’m planning on posting a lot of sewing tutorials.  Also I’m going to list out out all the basic tools you need if you are a beginner. ✄

So here is a complete shot of everything. I have a tiny corner beside my bed where I keep my sewing machine. 🙂


Here is a close-up of my sewing machine that I got for christmas 2013. It is a Brother XL-2600i, which is a great model for beginners.


On my sewing table ,I like to keep my scissors in this cute little kitten cup that I made using this video.


So on my window sill I have my cacti which i got from my tita and tito. They got them from Dangwa, Manila, but you can also get some in the plant stall in South Super Market Alabang.  I am sure you can find them in many other garden stores.  This is one of my favorite decorations in my room. 😉 ♡♡




If you’re wondering where I keep my other supplies. I have a shelf beside the table where I keep my fabric, needles, pins, ribbons, zippers, etc.


Now I’m going to show you basic supplies if you want to start sewing 🙂


1.  Fabric (you’re gonna need something to sew on!). Cotton Depot has a nice variety of fabrics.

2. Thread ( you’re going to need this to thread your machine)

3. Scissors -to cut your thread and fabric. Fabric scissors should only be used for fabric.

4. Pins -These are extremely helpful to keep your fabric in place while sewing.

5. Bobbins – You need this for threading the machine. ( Keep in mind that different machines have  different bobbins.)

6. Seam Ripper – if you make a mistake seam rippers can rip the stitches for you. (I promise this is a LIFESAVER!)

Okay a simple tip: If you are a beginner, use fabrics that are easy to sew with, for example cotton, felt etc.   Stretchy/ knit fabrics may be a pain to sew with 🙁

One last thing, I just want to show you the latest thing I’ve sewn for my mom’s birthday: A pen/pencil holder for her calligraphy pens! 🙂

Hope you like it Mom ! Happy Birthday!♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡IMG_8734




So that’s all for today, hoped you enjoyed my post! See you next time ~

3 thoughts on “♡ Sewing Room Tour +✄Basic Beginner Sewing Needs ♡

  1. Wow! Amazing raya. I love to sew and want to teach my kids (Sophia and Josiah). Your mom is blessed to have an artistic daughter in you. God be glorified in your passion. God bless raya!

    Alma M. Roxas Reply

  2. Hi. I am a new homeschooler. I am also crafty i a way. I make hairbows and i also love to sew by hand. I have never tried using a sewing machine. I want to buy one like the cheaper ones amounting to 700php, those the ones we see in deal sites. Is that practical? Also since I am homeschooling my 6 yo girl, is it too early to introduce sewing as a craft for her?

    Liz Reply

    1. This is Donna. Raya’s Mom. Raya is the one into machine sewing. If this this for your daughter, I suggest you try to look for those “Intro to Sewing” ready made kits were the kids are just supposed to put “beginner or safe needles” into holes. It is actually just introducing her to using her fine motor skills . Or you can make own using basket weave cloth, blunt safe needles. Just create bigger holes on the cloth and mark it with a light pen. Create a pattern from either running or backstitch, or simple cross stitch. You can google How to teach preschoolers to sew and I am sure you’ll find lots of ideas.some even use board paper and giant plastic needles with yarn.
      Am not certain about the quality and durability of sewing machines at this cost. Again, google is your friend. Just type the brand and model of the sewing machine you would like to get and check out comments about it. Check out Facebook Sew Easy . You may also ask questions from Sew Easy teacher Anne regarding introducing sewing to children. Hope this helps:)

      donnasimpao Reply

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