A Blog Giveaway Exclusive for HomesCoolers Only!

Time sure flies when your having lots of fun blogging. Yes, it has been one full year since our first ever post! Thank you to all who have been supporting this blog!

To celebrate our first year….. (Drum roll please… )  we are setting up a super-duper, cool first year anniversary blog raffle!  Yahoo!!! Cheers! Bravo!!  This raffle is open only to current HomesCoolers (parents and children who have been HomesCooling for some time now).   We all know it’s not an easy task to HomesCool so  we want to bless you, HomesCooler!

To join this raffle,  you can enlist in the Rafflecopter widget at the end, but first, take a look at what’s in this Teacher and Student Giveaway ! Also, please take time to read some terms & conditions for this blog giveaway below.

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HomesCool.ph’s First Anniversary Teacher and Student Giveaway!!!

For the Students:

  1. 3 Homeschoolers of the Philippines T-shirts and  pins
  2. 1 ruled dry erase board with pen,
  3. 2 composition notebooks for Level 1 and 2,
  4. Lots of reward stickers
  5. An Art activity set!

For the Teacher:

  1. Get Even Hydrating Liquid Foundation
  2. Prints Made Pretty Strobing Kit (Cheek Sticks)
  3. Eye Am Here to Stay 24 Hour Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
  4. Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie
  5. Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lip Lacquer
  6. Shut Up & Kiss me Lip & Cheek Mousse
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Thank you to Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez of Happy Skin for this super cool gift pack! (Check out Happy Skin’s Onlne Shop!) 


And a surprise gift for Homeschooling Daddy too:) 

So, who is eligible to win in this raffle?  Here is a list of criteria:

1. Must be a current HomesCooler:

  • Please show a homeschooler provider’s ID or report card of the student
  • If you are an independent homeschooler,  any photo/ image that may prove you are a current homeschooler (this may be subject to review)
  • You are automatically eligible if you are a member of the Homeschoolers of the Philippines FB page during the duration of this giveaway,  May 2 to May 17, 2016.

2. Resident of the Philippines

To officially join this giveaway, please enter and complete the tasks listed in the Rafflecopter Widget below. Praise God for one year of blogging!  Maraming Salamat sa inyong lahat!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Additional Terms & Conditions:

  1. This giveaway runs from May 2 to May 17, 2016.
  2. Winner will be chosen on May 17, 2016 and will be notified via email as soon as possible.
  3. Another winner will be chosen if the declared winner does not reply within 2 weeks of notification.
  4. Items will only be shipped to addresses accepted by either courier LBC or Abestexpress.  Shipping fees will be covered!
  5.  The owner of HomesCool.ph has the prerogative to make adjustments as they are deemed necessary.



1 Corinthians 9:24 Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.

45 thoughts on “A Blog Giveaway Exclusive for HomesCoolers Only!

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to win Ms. Donna! God bless you, your family and your homeschooling journey! 🙂

    Lisette Dionisio Reply

    1. Hello! Thank you for joining! Hopefully we get to do this more often to give more chances for all. Thanks for supporting this giveaway. God Bless you and your homeschooling journey as well:)

      donnasimpao Reply

    1. Thank your for participating and supporting this blog!!! God Bless you:)

      donnasimpao Reply

  2. Thanks so much for this 🙂 God bless your homeschooling 🙂

    Judy Reply

    1. God Bless your homeschooling journey as well. Thanks for joining!

      donnasimpao Reply

    1. Thank you very much for joining. God bless you always!

      donnasimpao Reply

  3. Hi! I am excited to win! My kids would surely be happy and surprise if they will received those gifts. And let me just share something. I have an 8 years old and 6 years old daughters and a 4 years old son, and we started to be an independent homeschooler last year. Yes, it is so challenging for me to be a teacher mom and at the same time I am working as a call center agent back then. But it is so worth it to quit my job to be a full time teacher mom. Because now, by simply being with my kids 24 hours a day is a daily true happiness for me. Happy homeschoolers to all Teacher Moms out there! God bless!

    Rea Anne Julian Reply

    1. Wow! I can assure you, it will be worth it! I was in your shoes, 11 years ago, 8, 6, 4 and 2 years old. This is a blessing. True Happiness Indeed. Thanks for joining!

      donnasimpao Reply

  4. this is indeed cool! congratulations! your posts inspire homeschooling moms like me. God bless you more.

    jean credo-figueroa Reply

    1. Thank you Jean for joining. Thank you for the encouragement. Homeschooling is a blessing in itself and to meet more and more homeschoolers is truly exciting and heartwarming. God bless.

      donnasimpao Reply

  5. Thank you for always inspiring us, Ms. Donna. We just finished our first home school year and I can say, Homeschoolers of the Philippines and your blog, along with other parents in all our fb group, helped me and my daughter a lot. Thank you! God bless you!

    Lorby Gesilva Reply

    1. thank you Lorby for this heartwarming message. God bless you indeed. God wants to use each one of us to bless other homeschoolers! So thankful and excited for your positive experience in your first year! Hope to meet you soon

      donnasimpao Reply

  6. Hello from 4Ms and me!!! I hope we’ll be bagging the prizes!!! Thank you for this chance to win those stuffs. As a mom, I love providing things for my four kids too! Thank you and more blessings to you!!!

    Amazed fan of yours,
    Bernice Garcia

    Michelle Bernice Basilides-Garcia Reply

    1. Hello Bernice and 4 Ms….. miss you! Haven’t been able to reply re the workshop. Will try soon. Thank you for always being supportive and yes for joining:) Love you and God Bless.

      donnasimpao Reply

  7. Hi mommy Donna and family! Happy 1st yr anniversary to Homescool.ph! God bless you as you have continued to bless us, homeschooling families with support, motivation and inspiration. 🙂

    Leah Cantos Reply

    1. Thank you LEAH! We have a great GOD who wants to take care of all homeschoolers. Thankful always and yes, thank you too!God Bless!

      donnasimpao Reply

    1. Thank you as well! Yes God bless and thanks for supporting this giveaway!

      donnasimpao Reply

    1. WE MUST MEET SOON! Haha hope you win so i can personally give them to you finally and meet all your beautiful children. How do you do it, Diane???? God Bless!

      donnasimpao Reply

  8. Congratulations! Thank you for being an inspiration to other homeschooling moms like me and homeschooling families like ours. It’s not a walk in the park but by God’s grace and with people like you who motivate us simply by sharing your HomesCool stories, I know and believe my little family and I can also do it. I’m the only one among my siblings who is homeschooling, so imagine the pressure I get and the doubts I receive from them. They mean well, it’s just that homeschooling is a new thing to them and kind of “radical”, heehee!

    Again, congratulations and more blessings! 😊

    Joy Reply

    1. Thank you, Joy. God is good indeed and He wants to take care and bless every homeschooler. God enables and we just let HIM use us where He leads us. I will remember to pray for you and the pressures. I pray that they will see the fruits and yes, believe and be supportive. With God, nothing is impossible!

      donnasimpao Reply

  9. I am excited to join the raffle. Praying to win! Thanks for your generosity. Thank you for inspiring us and giving us support in our homeschooling journey! God bless you and your family!

    Pam Cadiz Reply

    1. You are welcome and thank you as well. God bless your journey as well and yes, God wants to take care of us and will use each other to do so!!! You have blessed me too with this . Salamat!

      donnasimpao Reply

  10. I like most your homeschool portfolio article. 🙂 i’m a first time mom and currently homeschooling my 3 year old boy so i was a bit overwhelmed with all things homeschooling. This article helped me organize and store my little boy’s homeschhooling journey. 🙂

    Bernice wong Reply

    1. Oh cool! Thank you dear Bernice. Hope to meet you and your boy soon. Oh this is the best time to try this out as you learn the first steps. Thankful this post helped you. God bless dear! So excited for your journey ahead.

      donnasimpao Reply

    2. Oh dear, i think my reply was not sent. Thank you for your comment. Glad to be of help, Bernice!

      donnasimpao Reply

  11. Excited to win this raffle! Thank you mommy, not only for this give a way. But also for all your sharings about homeschooling 🙂

    Christine Anne Reply

    1. Thank you fChristine Anne. God bless you. Thanks for the heartwarming message.

      donnasimpao Reply

  12. To dear Simpao Homescool,

    Your family is very precious to mine! May you continue to inspire more families in this beautiful journey called Homeschooling… Be blessed!

    From your family from the North,

    The Kintanars

    Ana Maria U. Kintanar Reply

    1. Hello there Ana!!!Thank you for always supporting and always, always having the best of words to encourage. Love you and still hoping for a long marathon catch up with you.

      donnasimpao Reply

    2. Thank you dearest Ana. Still hoping for one long MARATHONNNNNNNNNN catch up soon!

      donnasimpao Reply

    3. Mising you Ana! I am not even sure if I have replied already. But thanks again and again!

      donnasimpao Reply

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