Kids for a Greener World 2016 from Kidzania Manila: A Treat for HomesCoolers!

Hey, homeschoolers! If you haven’t visited Kidzania Manila, you are truly missing out a whole lot. Yes, it is a kids’ world but you must experience it as well as an adult and rekindle that kid in your own heart!  And let me announce that  this summer is the best time visit Kidzania! Why?   Kidzania Manila has  recently added another reason to make  your entire family’s experience truly worthwhile:  Kids For A Greener World Program! ( If you wish to see the other activities Kidzania Mania has to offer, click here.)

Kidzania Manila is once again offering  homeschooling families a chance to learn and “grow“!  Ministry of Tourism Ms. Aylynn Tenorio-Ganelo has just announced their wonderful offer for all homeschoolers this summer.


Now, what can we expect from this green revolution in Kidzania this summer? The following  are the activities, so called  “Green Spots”  offered from  April 15- June 15, 2015:

  •  Learn sustainable fishing with the Century Tuna Fish Market
  • Be a transport route specialist and promote efficient use of fuel and reduce air pollution with the Shell Transportation Efficiency Center
  • Explore upcycling and create new upcycled crafts with H&M Conscious Upcycling Workshop
  • Try being a garden designer and find unique and effective ways of growing plants

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Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 7.35.42 PM

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Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 7.36.27 PM

Ms. Aylynn also added that  children who perform any of the featured ‘Green Spot’ activities will receive a Green Activity Card where they will receive a stamp for successfully completing any of the four (4) jobs. When they complete all four, they can receive their official KFAGW  (Kids For A Greener World ) stamp on their KidZania Passports ( that is, if your child already has a passport).  As a special treat , all four Green Spots  are PARENTS WELCOME areas! This means that each child may be accompanied by one adult companion as he/she participates in the said activity.

To keep the excitement going,  take part in   RightZkeeper Vita’s challenge  to win prizes like special invites to join any of the three upcoming birthday celebrations of our RightZKeepers Urbano, Bache, and Vita.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 7.36.19 PM

For mechanics  regarding this promo, please check this out.

The Homeschoolers’ 10 % discount will be available for all bookings from hereon till 31st of May 2016!

Indeed, get ready for a better world with Kidzania Manila.

Jeremiah 17:8 They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.

When Amazing Happens: Thank You for Today’s Win, Lord!

I am a homeschooling mother of 4 children who are all into sports. The 3 boys are into basketball while my only daughter is into tennis.  I believe that sports is  an incredible way to teach a whole  lot of life lessons and values.

Through the years, we have attended so many games that have pushed our children to play the sport that they love in a competitive environment. Oh, we’ve seen the boys teary eyed, some of their team mates weeping . We’ve seen the boys fall and try to control their emotions and battle the “boy” within and control the urge to cry.  But we also have seen the widest smiles, the highest high fives and the wins that seemed like our boys were like winning the NBA championship.  Sports, borrowing from NBA’s famous tagline, indeed is where amazing happens.

Today was gonna be a tough game for our 10 year old Gino who is part of the  ongoing Filipino Basketball Academy Rookie (7-11 yo) League in Acropolis, Quezon City.  This is Gino’s 2nd run with the league and the Gray team.   The Gray team had a 0-2 win/loss record so far  and  were facing the unbeaten Red Team.  The last 2 games were heart breakers because they were leading up to the last minute of  the game  (the last having one only 5 players and no subs)  but for some reason their opponents bounced back in the nick of time!  To make matters worst, their team mate who is the most versatile guard I’ve seen was also sidelined due to a bad cut that required stitching.

Prior to leaving for the game, Gino was already talking about their tough opponent and their limitations to beat the team.  As we began our journey, with me driving, I led the prayer for today’s game.  I specifically asked for an “upset” because the team was going to be tough and our team was weak due to an injured player.

Since the venue of the game was an hour away according to Waze, I tried to maximize the trip by having a good conversation. We all know that “homeschooling” mothers are always guilty of “making every moment a teaching moment”  but then, if the child is game, why not, right?

Gino was helping me with the Waze  (the phone app that aids in suggesting routes to take to avoid congested roads).  Our route took us to Quezon City via Skyway, Mckinley and C5. It was the best time to teach about the National Capital Region, right?   As we passed Forbes and Dasmarinas Villages in Makati,  we had a discussion on why the properties there were so expensive.  From there, we discussed about membership clubs and how they operate as we passed Manila Polo Club.  From there, our discussion dealt with investments, ( Gino: Mama , what is an investment? ), bank accounts, setting up a business, membership shares, why businesses close, bad investments etc!)  Who wouldn’t appreciate traffic with such a conversation? It was good that I was driving because I could not be glued to the phone ( a familiar scenario when I am not driving).  I so love bonding one on one with our children and this is why , I don’t mind taking them in long car rides.

The game was tight from the beginning. Our boys were able to limit our opponents’ shooting. However, it was a low scoring game, none of Gino’s  and his team mates attempts were going in. The moves were right, he was at the right time at the right place, yet the ball would be short or would even go in and then be rejected by the basket.  At this point, and all mothers would agree,  it/s as if  my heart was playing too. I could feel every frustration of my son. So when he was given some rest, I went to him and said, “Gino, you’re moving well but the ball is not going in. Maybe, you could pray for every shot you release?  And maybe say to yourself, ‘For the Lord instead of for the win?’ ” (We were very encouraged by this year’s NBA MVP Stephen Curry’s message when he received his trophy.   “Just be the best version of yourself.. .. all you need to have is faith in God and undying passion in what you do.”

A few  seconds after Gino is brought back to the game, he makes his first shot! Hallelujah! The game was so tight that I was beginning to squeeze the arms of my “mommy seat mates”  ( I always do that!). Gino was making shots left and right,  I was even missing them as I tried to respond to a text from my other son.  And soon, his other team mate’s shots were sinking the basket as well. Hurrah!!

And so it was indeed an “upset”, an answered prayer for this team who needed that lift, that win for today.  Our boys won by 1! Gino was going to go home not teary eyed but with a full smile in his face so obvious in this post game photo.

Here the fearless Gray Team with Coach Bernard Barcenilla of Filipino Basket Academy. Click here if you’d like to find a training camp/league near you.

As we were driving back, there  more homeschool lessons as Gino asked more questions like ,”How does Waze work,”  then he sees a  billboard of Gary Valenciano and asked about, “Diabetes.”  We eventually discussed why people pay toll as we entered the Skyway. Then he goes, “Mama, you know  I did what you told me to do in the game? And my shots started to go in!”   He sort of came to figure that one out himself.   Am glad that I didn’t get head over heels about it and allowed it to sink in his mind and heart without pushing it. So yes, he knows God helped him sink his shots.  He knows that for sure.  Thank you to our Lord God who made our 10 year old boy feel how real you are today, thank you to the entire Gray team for the great battle you fought today, “You make your Mamas proud indeed ! ” Thank you to Coach Bernard and the entire Filipino Basketball Academy along with all the players of the other teams ! Without you,  we would not have “pockets of faith experiences” for our little boys such as this.

My mother’s heart is full, yes, so full despite the long drive today! And I’d do it again and again to capture blessed moments such as this.


Matthew 18: 2-4 “He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. 3 And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 4Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”


Laro Collaborative Art Exhibit

I call this a perfect event for the entire family.  It had many things quite dear to me:  lots of  colorful and beautiful  art, children, our Filipino culture,  an advocacy to build a playground for children through UNICEF,  time well spent with my first Art teacher(Mommy Emma) and my students  (Raya & Gino), and the touching of ones’ heart by evoking so many childhood memories of play.

Creative Kids /Kids for Kids

Mommy Emma, Gino, Raya and I had such a grand time in this unique “celebration of every child’s right to play through the celebration of Pinoy games.” 


I told my Mom to act “excited” as if to cheer for Raya as she jumped in ‘luksong tinik.” Did you know that Mommy Emma taught Art Appreciation in Maryknoll College and was the owner and directress of “Infant Jesus Kindergarten School” where most of the Pangilinan kids had their preschool years. The school was just 3 houses away from 11 Mahusay St UP Village!


What’s a pamato, Mama?


Creative Kids dedicate their 20th anniversary to help raise funds for UNICEF and the building of a playground in a resettlement area in Calauan, Laguna through an artistic exhibit, fun activities and a fashion show.”


As I went through each artwork, Mom who majored in Creative Arts in UP College of Home Economics, and I were in awe with every piece of art.  Gino and Raya  were amused as well as they saw some of the games featured in the art works which  their Lola and Mama played when they were their age!

As part of homeschool PE and Filipino, I have tried to expose the children  by playing “garter”,  patintero, luksong tinik,  limbo rock, sipa, sungka , and using the traditional trumpo.  For their birthdays, we  did some pabitins  and some form of “hit the pot (palayok)”.  Though not Filipino in origin, we also tried to play jackstones and mahjong.  Prior to visiting the exhibit which happened to be in our favorite mall, Alabang Town Center. I had a mini-lesson with the kids on Filipino Traditional Games and we focused on the Filipino hopscotch , or piko.  Hopefully we will be able to play this soon.  I also discovered that there were many   online videos featuring so many of these games !!!

Bahay-Bahayan na! Nasaan ang sandok at palayok?



Didn’t we dream to have that nipa house?


Patintero, sino ang patotot?
Patintero, sino ang patotot?



Tropang Trumpo!
Tropang Trumpo!


Damang-dama namin ang saya dito ! Dali, punta na!


Guess what? Kaya mo ng "check mark", "falling star"and "hide in the cave" moves?
Guess what? Kaya mo ng “check mark”, “falling star”and “hide in the cave” moves?


Taob kayo sa laki ng tsinelas namin !


An additional treat for that afternoon  was seeing and chatting with the event’s main organizer,  our family friend, Bambi Manosa.  According to Bambi, they recently transformed her much sought after art school, Creative Kids Studio into an all-year-round project based art studio “where kids can come  together to help other children through their time and talents.”  The program is now called Kids for Kids.

With Creative Kids/ Kids for Kids Champion, Bambi Manosa. The Pangilinans and Manosas are family friends:)
With Creative Kids/ Kids for Kids Champion, Bambi Manosa. The Pangilinans and Manosas are family friends:)


So amazing were the art pieces created by the children of Creative Kids, that red dots were all over as most of the pieces were already sold.  Bambi mentioned that a buyer or donor could either buy and take home art work or he could purchase it, and donate the art work to a center for children chosen by Kids for Kids.

There are more activities lined up for this celebration of play and you may check  The link also provides information on how to join this advocacy and become another champion for children.

The Laro Collaborative Art  Exhibit runs until May 26, 2015 at the Activity Center of the Alabang Town Center.

If you’re in the mood to actually play these traditional games,  “Tara, Laro!” is set on May16 and 17 in different areas of  Alabang Town Center ( Activity Center, Town Plaza and Corte Extension). The link  has all details!

I recommend this wonderful celebration of play to all families!  Homeschoolers can even create lesson plans and unit studies on this:)  Thanks to Gino and Raya for the photos. We purposely didn’t post all because you should come and experience this for real!  You ought to see the colorful sungkas, the sipa and pabitiin artwork,  sculpted playthings and  the many paintings about famous Filipino nursery rhymes and riddles

Congratulations to Bambi Manosa, Kids for Kids, UNICEF,  Alabang Town Center and all  the other sponsors for this worthy, inspiring, moving and even entertaining, one of kind, art exhibit by children for other children in need.

A giant paper boat! Didn't we all make smaller versions for the flowing canals in our streets?
A giant paper boat! Didn’t we all make smaller versions for the flowing canals in our streets?


I grabbed the chance to write down my comments on that giant boat!  C




Proverbs 11:5 “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”