Book Review on Charlotte’s Web By Gino Simpao: Why I Enjoyed it



Charlotte’s Web is a story of a pig named Wilbur. He lives in a farm with a bunch of other animals, but only developed a good friendship with Charlotte, the spider. They became friends because Charlotte was the friendliest of all the animals, she was always available to talk to, and she was kind.

I enjoyed this book, and looked forward to reading it everyday. Let me tell you the reasons why. One of the main reasons is what I told you about earlier. It is their friendship. Their friendship felt very special. Charlotte was a perfect fit for Wilbur. Whenever Wilbur wanted talk to her, she would always listen, and she would be very positive and encouraging. She was the one who helped Wilbur with his main problem.

Secondly, I loved how the story was very exciting. Each chapter had something for me to look forward to. There was never a time where the story became boring or dragging.

Next, I was very fond of  the different characters in the story. There were the geese, the sheep, the rat named Templeton, and even the humans. The different personalities made the story more interesting and amusing. The conversations among the animals were also very funny and witty.

Overall, I highly recommend this book because of the good friendship, set in an exciting plot, with interesting characters. I hope you read and enjoy this book as well.