3 Weeks to Go to the Philippine Homeschool Conference 2016 !

I would like to make an appeal to all homeschoolers to make time to attend this once a year gathering of Philippine Homeschoolers !  Consider it a wise investment for your homeschooling journey.  I can assure you that it will truly be more than “Worth it”.  I still vividly remember the first big conference I attended at the St Francis Square with Ms. Debra Bell, the author of the The Ultimate Guide for Homeschooling (available locally at Learning Plus Book Store).  And  I still remember the warmth, the peace, and assurance that filled my my heart after listening to her speak. One thing I remember quite well, and still find myself quoting her again and again.  Though not verbatim, this was the most  impactful message for me then, “Instill the love for learning! Oh, your children will have many gaps for sure since we can’t attempt to cover everything. However, when your children come to the point that he realizes he has those gaps, he will gladly and passionately learn what needs to be learned. So chill!”

This year’s line up  is truly exciting. Imagine 4 keynote gifted speakers tackling these life changing, essential homeschooling /parenting topics? Mother-Daughter Homeschoolers, Ms. Deonna Tanchi- Ms. Joy Tanchi will tandem teach on “Building a Firm Foundation“.  An international well sought after speaker and education expert, Mr. Andrew Pudewa will be handling, “The Art and Science of Helping Children Learn Well” and superb and dynamic speaker, founder of the Catholic Filipino Academy, Mr. Bo Sanchez  will share about,  “Leaving a Legacy for Our Children.” If these powerful messages do not encourage you to homeschool forever (Joke only!), and to do so with a bigger, worthier picture in mind, I really don’t know who or what will.

To get a better view of what’s in line, here is the planned program:

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-10-05-17-pm screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-10-05-31-pm

 Wow,  I am so excited to see from the details of the program that as the conference’s title clearly says, “From Roots to Wings: Homeschooling Through the Stages”, this conference indeed meets every homeschooler or soon to be homeschooler where they are currently at!

Wait, did you see my name on the program? Yes, I will be handling one workshop on “Starting Your Journey” with the emphasis on “Your” as I will try to help homeschoolers personalize their journey as they carve their own homeschooling paths!  Oh, please, click here and register soon. And if you are part of the Homeschoolers of the Philippines Facebook Group, wouldn’t this the perfect place to finally meet all the other homeschoolers and so we can actually engage with one another beyond profile photos ,updates and comments?

Apart from all this, I so love browsing (yes, can’t shop much since our last homeschooled son (of 4) has all the hand me downs and shared material from his older siblings) in the exciting expo ( 50 or so  booths) of homeschooling/parenting material! I remembering purchasing my most favorite and most used material and learning tools from homeschooling conference expos!

Just in case, you are not yet convinced to join us this year, I searched online for more reasons to attend this year’s homeschool conference, and viola, guess where I was led to?  Our own keynote’s speaker, Andrew Pudewa’s blogpost on “Why Attend a Homeschool Convention This Year?”

“Teaching is the overflow of the soul of the teacher to the soul of the student.” To do that, of course, the teacher’s soul must be full. Yes, we can read stuff. We can watch videos. We can pray. But for so many of us, the busyness of life makes all those things we can and should do to fill ourselves up somewhat less important than the crisis of the moment. (And in homeschooling, there always seems to be a crisis of the moment!)

In reality, a conference is a retreat—a place to gather with like-minded people, see and hear new ideas, ask questions, and contemplate. Even if the talks you attend aren’t the “incredible” talks that change one’s life, there are ideas everywhere, and I’ve found that one small idea from an unexpected source can improve my life forever. Sometimes those ideas don’t even come from speakers or workshops, but from one-on-one conversations with other homeschooling parents.

So, see you there! If this post made you finally decide to click and register, do leave a comment at the end of this post, please!

P.S. I’d like to personally invite you as well to support Visions of Hope Foundation booth as it participates to raise funds for educating and caring of poor children in our country.  They will be selling new elementary and high school Philippine textbooks (in marked down prices)  along with  foundation shirts and mugs.  The Homeschoolers of the Philippines pins will be sold in this booth as well.  Visit us, ok?


Hebrews 10:24-25 “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, 25 not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”