Top 12 Favorite Projects, So Far!

Project week or weeks is our kids’ favorite time of our HomesCooling quarter.  Most of the time,  as we are completing the theoretical lessons (via discussions, reading, watching or videos), some projects are already  being conceived in our kids’ excited minds! Why do projects?  Having witnessed and experienced 13 years of HomesCooling, I’ve come to that relieving conclusion that our children learn most experientially. As mentioned in an earlier post, fun is crucial in unlocking the learning door.  In addition, when the child is able to teach the lesson back, demonstrate it or find ways to apply in real life settings, then we know learning had indeed taken place.

There are projects which may take the whole quarter to finish but there are those that can be done in one to two weeks.   Younger children will prefer those that can be done in a faster amount of time since they are in that stage that may have lesser patience and greater need for gratification in a lesser amount of time.  There are however projects that can be done in stages and even take a year to finish.

As a multilevel HomesCooling family, I’ve also seen solo and group projects. I don’t think I need to explain why group projects are more fun and enjoyable. There was a time however when I only had one student in eldest, Vince. I guess you could say it wasn’t totally done on his own because I was his partner and so it was still fun in that way. Oh I still remember those days with Vince when our small plastic animals, sea or land, would find its way to all sorts of media:  real sand, play sand, water, colored water, gelatin! Those photos have to be scanned since we weren’t using a digital camera then ( oh dear, a vintage HomesCooling moment there!)

What I love about group projects among siblings are the following:

1) The amazing bonding ( Can you imagine the fun? Can you imagine siblings  teaching each other, trying to resolve conflicts ? )

2) The priceless value of helping one another

3)  How learning is reinforced in all levels. As the project is being done, I maximize the time by reviewing the lessons and each child is able to hear each other’s lessons (it’s a lecture in disguise!)

4) Learning patience, cooperation, humility, leadership, being a follower, etc

5) Having “tangible” memories , a product that can serve as memorial stones of the learning and the experience

6) Project materials can focus on recyclable and inexpensive materials

7) Less load on the teacher  ( Hope the kids don’t get to read this part.)

As I tried to unearth HomesCool photos and interviewed the children, here are some of the BEST projects so far. “So far” because   some are still  hidden in photos in some  unreachable folder or in unscanned photos. I plan to make a separate post for each project in detail, with more photos. So here goes:

1.  Gino’s Sari-Sari Store

Gino's fundraiser project for a LEGO Toy:)  Siblings Marco and Raya came to give their full support
Gino’s fundraiser project for a LEGO Toy:) Siblings Marco and Raya came to give their full support


2. Gino and Raya’s Giant Car

Can you see the details on the dashboard?


Did you know that this had 2 license plates? One for Raya, One for Gino!


3. The Edible Cell ( Inspired by HomeCooled Josh Buizon and teacher Felichi Buizon)

Can you name the parts of the cell?



4. The Giant Art Attack in our Hallway ( years long project  with the help of  Painting Teacher Ms. Esther Mercurio)

We now need more walls!!!

5.  The Giant World Map


See how happy they are!


6. Roman Colosseum


Peekaboo! A dungeon!




7.  Raya’s Store



8.  Family Belen /Nativity Scene

HomeschoolProjects5    HomeschoolProjects3


9.  Gino’s Viking Ship

Siblings helped make the shields in Gino’s ship. This was done after a lesson about the Vikings! All from recycled and scrap materials.


10. Energy Poster

Search & Find: Find Thor! Three kids collaborated to summarize a whole quarter’s lesson on ENERGY.


11. Solar System 2015



12.  A Radio Program in Tagalog

Guess what DMRG stands for?
Complete with costume since from Mama’s experience TV/Radio Stations are cold ! With headphones and coffee mug for the win!


I hope this helps you include more projects in your HomesCooling day and experience its benefits.  Don’t forget to take photos so you can chronicle your journey.  I’ll try to make one post for each project so I can explain in detail.  And when I am able to secure more photos of other projects, I will just make updates.  If you’d like to share your thoughts about this post, please leave a comment.

Colossians 3:17 And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.