Will you entrust your children to a teacher who says, Vigan is in “Longganisa”?

Oh yes, there are days when it seems like I left my teacher brain somewhere.  Answers to some questions seem to have been unearthed in a reflexive manner as shown in the title of this article. Yes, it’s true. It happened. I have 3 witnesses!

After telling a story set in Vigan (a city in Northern part of the country), one of my students asked, “Where is Vigan?” Without batting an eyelash and without shame, I blurted out “Longganisa”. Yes, I did. I wish you were right there in our HomesCool room to see their faces and listen to the burst of laughter.

Longganisa is a term used to describe a Filipino version for “flavored”  sausage.  And Vigan is known for these yummy sausages.  Vigan may be a type of longganisa but the answer should have been “Ilocos Sur”, a province in Northern Luzon.

Was is just a mix–up since the 2 words begin with the same syllable ? Was I hungry? Did I have Vigan longganiza for breakfast that morning? Was that the most associated word with Vigan at that very moment? I will never know.

HomesCooling will have days like this and you just have to laugh with it!

There was another time when my son simply asked, “Ma, what is “movie house” in Tagalog?”   and I answered with much confidence, “pi-ni-la-kang ta-bing”. It was a deep Filipino word, not usually used in everyday conversation.  In English, it’s like  I was just supposed to answer “cinema or theater” but then I said “silver screen”!!! My then 11-year old son had the strangest look. Wasn’t sure if he was more “freaked out” with my reply or if he was so scared of spelling it!

After trying to rush to complete requirements, my son, as he was answering a long test I prepared, asked , “Ma, were you asleep when you made this? “ Oh dear.

After many years, I have learned to be kinder to myself and allow these momentary short circuits to happen. And just smile and move on. I guess, having 4 multilevel kids with different textbooks and lessons can make ones’ brain konk out once in a while.

There are days when your students may feel “alone” because the teacher was just too busy to be consulted. Don’t fret. They can learn a thing or two from being in such a predicament.  We can’t be all that we want to be as a teacher and mother to our children.

I remember a seat work wherein instead of asking her teacher, my poor daughter wrote the words from a Beatles song, “Help I need somebody, Help not just anybody,”  complete with a drawing of a sad face on her Math worksheet.

Such occasional experiences may be funny but they may be windows of what’s really going on inside.  They may  mean that we are functioning on overdrive and need to rest or chill. There were times that I have had to disrupt a lesson that I was teaching due to fatigue and made this request, “ Kids, Mom is just too tired and needs to doze a bit.” (Of course, they happily accepted and knew then that 95% of the time, when I woke up, I would opt not to resume and call it a day.)

There was a tough season as a daughter to elderly parents a year or so ago. My dad was hospitalized for 5x in like 3 months. On one occasion, as we got home after Dad’s discharge, Mom had to be rushed to the ER!  Being the doctor of the family and  the  main “daughter” assigned to take care of basic needs of our elderly parents, that was really a very draining time.  I could not teach at home and would often leave assigned work  or just let kids watch educational videos.  One afternoon after being in the hospital all day after admitting Dad, I couldn’t find the strength to teach at all.  So I just asked my nine and eleven year old students, if they wanted to just pretend play and I was going to let them be surgeons for the day and teach them what it’s like to work in the hospital.   Below are photos of that super fun homeschooling time:

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I just had to teach something that I didn't nee any books or gadgets since I was just so tired.
I just had to teach something that I didn’t need any books or gadgets since I was just so tired.
I taught the kids what happens inside the operating room. This was a case of a woman who needed to have surgery to remove a “mass” or “tumor” in her body . We even formed a lump from play dough to represent that removed part.


So do not worry. Do not beat yourself up on certain days when you can’t do what was originally planned.  Listen to your own body and  check your stress levels.  When you need to take it easy, simplify the lesson plans, and if you can, nap  to recharge.

Two of the four Simpao HomesCooled kids have moved on to regular schools and they are products of a decade of HomesCooling that had a lot of these kinds of days.  With 2 HomesCoolers left, there is less chaos in our HomesCooling schedule, lesson plans and HomesCooling rooms.  Hopefully there will be more order, less errors in “DIY tests”,  and correct answers from the teacher! But hey, the ones who have moved on have been awarded academic excellence awards together with character commendations recently so we must have done something right amidst those short circuits.  Praising God for how gracious He is indeed, working through our limitations and failures.


Philippians 4:6-7 Do not be anxious for anything, but in everything , with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. 

Genesis 2:2 By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.

Credits to www.marketmanila.com/images for the longganisa image.